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We manufacture custom furniture
Nursing Homes furniture in Sofámóvel
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Our TOP collection with the highest quality furniture

Our company

With 56 years of experience in the production of furniture, the SOFAMÓVEL has had a course of evolution and expansion, thanks to the demands of the market and its customers. In 2002 exports began, starting to export to the French market, currently exporting to the markets:

- French 
- Angolan
- Russian 
- Spanish
- Cape Verdean 
- Guinea-Bissau
- Congo

We manufacture furniture in Kit, with Contemporary Design, as well as custom furniture, always to our distribution network, allowing us to have a high production volume, not only at the national but also international level.

For 56 years we have been the preference of our clients, QUALITY is our commitment to our customer.



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Sofamóvel-Sociedade de Fabricação de Móveis e Madeiras Lda
Alva - Sofámóvel

56 years producing unique furniture!

2445-012 PATAIAS
( Alcobaça  -  Pataias e Martingança )
244 241 178
244 589 451